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The Different Types of Coffee From All Over The World

The drinking of coffee is a very common practice the world over. This is usually aided by a lot of things, such as the presence of coffee shops at every street corner in different countries. A lot of countries in tropical locations of the world grow some of the world's best coffee. Coffee can easily grow in locations that are at some distance above sea level. Because of this fact you usually find different types of coffee which can satisfy different tastes. The best forms of coffee however are those that a grown on especially high locations such as mountainous yet tropic regions. A large number of countries in the world make coffee but these are some of the major countries that do so:

Brazil Brazil has one of the oldest coffee traditions in the world as coffee growing came to Brazil in the 1700's. Currently they are the world's forerunners in the production of the world's most coffee. 1 out of every 4 cups of coffee that is drunk in the world today is of the Brazilian kind of coffee. Most of the coffee beans in Brazil are of the Arabica kind. In terms of specialty coffee Brazil is also quite popular. You have different farms growing these forms of specialty coffee: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra and Mundo Novo.

Brazilians harvest their coffee produce in the months between March and October. The coffee may be harvested by manual or mechanical means. Weather conditions may also affect the harvesting of coffee as the harvesters may also choose to use dry or wet methods in order to process their coffee.


Columbia supplies the world's second largest quantities of coffee after Brazil. Over 12% of the total coffee that is drunk in the world today has it's origins in Columbia. Different types of Columbian coffee are available and they are usually very rich in flavor and are thick and have a slight acid content. They also have wonderful smells too.

Columbians usually harvest their coffee in the months between October and February. They also have another harvesting period which is between April and June. Different brews of coffee grown here include: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra and the Maragogype brands.


Mexico had its first coffee plants planted towards the end of the 1700's. Most of the coffee types grown in Mexico are of the simpler kinds. They are usually used as bases for blending. Farms in Mexico grow different brands such as the: Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Caturra and Maragogype brands.

Guatemala The climate of this country usually varies due to the topography and the location of the country. Because of this reason the country has different clear-cut versions of coffee. These coffee beans are harvested at different times of the year but the major harvesting period is usually between October and January.

Indonesia and New Guinea Coffees which come from this region are usually called Sumatran coffees. These coffees are so smooth and yet they are intrinsically complex. Some of the most popular brands of coffee here are the Mandheling and Lintong types of coffee.

Honduras Coffees grown in Honduras are quite simple coffees. They are usually used as bases for other blends. Most Honduran coffee is usually harvested in the months between October and March. The wet process method of harvesting coffee is usually used to harvest Honduran coffee. Honduran types of coffee make different types of coffee such as: Bourbon, Caturra and Typica coffee brands.

Ethiopia Ethiopia usually has some of the best coffee brands in the world over. People usually see Ethiopian coffee as one of the most unique and intriguing types of coffee brands in the whole world. Ethiopia grows these three types of coffee:Ghimbi, Harrar and the Sidamo . These coffees taste somewhat fruity and have very powerful aromas and thickness as well.

Other countries also produce some coffee brands or the other and these countries include Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Jamaica, Kenya, Malawi, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Uganda as well as Venezuela.

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